Suddenly You Pulled Me Close


Produced by Gary M. Smith
Writers: Scott Krippayne, Yancy, Dennis Dearing, Sarah Peasall, Aaron Sain, Erin Workman, Lisa Hentritch, Marcia Ramirez, Joe Johnston, Marty Funderburk, Doug McKelvey, Brad O’Donnell, Chaz Bosarge, Chuck Butler, Connie Harrington, Joe Beck. Publishers: New Spring Inc., Dried Rose Music, “Hey Mr. Wilson” Music, Peace Hall Publishing, Curb Songs, Word Music, Twinkle Town Music, Curb Magnatone Music, Johnston Music Group/Well Hollow Music, Winding Way Music, “Songs Only Dogs Can Hear” EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Dayspring Music, LLC, Brad and Butter Music, Hill Spring Music EMI April Music, Inc., River Oaks Music Company, WB Music Corp, OBO Platinum Plow Music, HF A “Yada, Yada, Yada,” Music, Gaither copyright Management, BMI/ ASCAP /HFA.
Drums: Marty Lovelace
Bass: Marty Wilhite
Piano: Mark Owen
Additional keyboards: Mark Owen
Fiddle: George Mason
Soprano Sax: Claude Coffman
Acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel, percussion: Gary Smith
Background Vocalists:: Michael Brewer (from Brewer & Shipley), Sandra Rhodes, Brenda Barnett
Violins: Tina Sibley, Bobby Tillery, Kirsten Weiff
String Arrangement: Brent Vaughn
Photography by Jim Lersch and Ed Vaughn
Creative Design by Divine & Associates, LLC
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Recorded at Nottingham Recording, Springfield, MO
Mixed and Mastered by Gary M. Smith


  1. Encounter with you
  2. Peace that passes
  3. Make me a storm
  4. Suddenly
  5. God will give you wings
  6. I see you
  7. Blink of an eye
  8. Pure heart
  9. Never run away
  10. Reason for the rain
  11. Power and the glory